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The Power of Connection...
We are more connected than ever, and yet, many of us continue to feel very disconnected and isolated from other people. We can sit in a crowded room doing the same thing as everyone else, yet still feel like we're by ourself.  
In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  And on the final day of creation, he created humans beings in his image and gave them breath and life.  First, he created just one.  But soon after he declared, "It is not good for the man to be alone."  We were created for connection - a spiritual truth that modern science and psychology has repeatedly affirmed.  
In the first century, the Roman Empire was a lonely place to be a Christian.  Christians were hated by both the Jews and the ruling Roman class.  As a result, the early believers were committed to spending time together.  Their experience of community was so radical that they became noticed by the people around for possessing something the world could not offer: koinonia.  As a result, their own faith was strengthened, every day they became more Christlike, and "the Lord added to their number daily..."  We're not perfect, but here are some of the ways we are currently striving to be connected...
Church isn't just for adults; Jesus invited kids to hang out with him, too.  Wild Wednesday is for boys and girls grades 1-5 to come and learn about Jesus through songs and a Bible lesson, but also to form lasting friendships and have fun.

When: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays @ 7:30p
                (follows local school calendar)
Middle School.png
For most people, their opinion of the church and the connection between faith and life is solidified between 6th-8th grade.  The Middle School Group focuses on creating space for meaningful relationships to flourish and for students to explore their unique place in God's Kingdom, through regular activities and group devotions.

When: 1st & 3rd Sundays (time varies depending on week)
Prayer Service.png
Prayer is absolutely vital.  Scripture calls us to be a "praying people," and we take this call seriously.  Although we are committed to making prayer part of everything we do, we also set aside time each quarter to gather together to pray for one another, for our church, our neighbors and community, our nation, and our world.  Prayer Services are open to everyone and include singing, teaching on prayer, and corporate prayer.

When: Quarterly on Fourth Wednesday of the month @ 7:00p
In the midst of a particularly challenging season in life?  Do you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith and you're unsure who to ask?  Maybe you just need a little extra accountability or would benefit from being able to process a recent experience.  Pastor Jason considers Jonah to be his "patron saint" - a man who wrestled deeply with his faith and struggled with what God was asking of him.  He's available by email, phone, video, or in-person to listen and think through what God might be saying to you right now, and how you could respond.  No matter what's happening, he's here to help.
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