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Paul wrote his letter to the Galatians after receiving reports that things were going awry. At some point after he left, the Galatian Christians started to believe that something more than faith was needed to be saved. In this letter, Paul encourages believers to stay focused on the true gospel: the gospel of Jesus. Have faith, and live a free life in Christ!


Sometimes we need to just stop and reflect on what makes God, God.  That's the focus of our summer series, "God is..."  Each week we will spend time looking at one key aspect of who God is, what he does, and why that's so important to our worship and every-day life.  Join us Sunday mornings for this 8-part teaching series.


Jesus summarized the Law into two primary commands: "Love God," and "love your neighbor as yourself."  While we may spend a lot of time talking about loving God, we don't give the command to love our neighbor quite as much attention.  With "The Art of Neighboring" we take a look at what Scripture says about one of the two  central tenets of following Jesus.


Jesus humbled himself and gave up all in order to die on the cross, only to rise again to kingship on Easter morning.  "Cross & Crown" will follow Jesus on this journey from humility to kingship through the second half of the Gospel of Mark.


God is speaking - are you listening?  In this series we are exploring what it means and looks like to seek out, listen to, and follow God's lead in our life.  We consider two key questions, review the role of our core values, and discover what listening and following God might look in the various spiritual seasons we will find ourselves in.


In the Bible, people would mark and remember significant moments by singing.  The birth of Jesus was no different.  This year, we are spending time reflecting on the songs of those who found themselves in the the midst of the greatest birth story ever told: Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, the angels, and Simeon.  Together, we also find our voices as we sing songs of praise during this Advent season.