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We are affiliated with a bi-national family of churches known as the Christian Reformed Church in North America.  For more information about this denomination please visit their website.
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Ultimately, we are driven by what we read in the Bible. These are the core beliefs that motivate us to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus in our communities and shape everything we do.
Disciples of Jesus embody and grow in certain values that shape their life and worship.  These are the values we seek to instill with everything we do.
Connection with other believers, known in the Bible as koinonia or fellowship, is a necessary part of life with Jesus.  Here are some of the opportunities for connection and discipleship that we offer.
We have a deep commitment and passion for serving our community.  God has blessed us with a number of resources and opportunities for the sole purpose of giving back to those around us.  For that reason, we regularly organize around opportunities for everyone, regardless of age or skill, to serve God, by serving our world.
Need space for an upcoming event?  Whether it's a meeting, conference, wedding, or celebration, chances are we can help.  We believe our campus exists not just for our benefit, but for the benefit of our community.  One-time, short-term, and long-term options are available.
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