Current Series!

Current Series!

Songs of Advent

In the Bible, people would mark and remember significant moments by singing. The birth of Jesus was no different. This year, we are spending time reflecting on the songs of those who found themselves in the the midst of the greatest birth story ever told: Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, the angels, and Simeon. Together, we also find our voices as we sing songs of praise during this Advent season.

Heroes of the Faith: Samson & Ruth

The Bible is packed full of the stories of so-called “heroes of the faith.” These “heroes” were ordinary people set-apart and used by God in extraordinary - sometimes miraculous - ways to move God’s story along and bring about redemption, salvation, and restoration to the world. Leading up to Advent, we look at two stories: Samson, and Ruth. Two “heroes of the faith” God used to send a clear message: God alone redeems and restores his people!

Current Series!

Current Series!

the parables of jesus

The Gospel of Matthew shows Jesus as a bold proclaimer of the kingdom of heaven.  Over the past 5 years, we have slowly picked our way through this "Jewish gospel" to hear Jesus' call to be his disciples and to share the good new with the rest of the world.  In the parables, Jesus gives us look inside the upside-down world of the kingdom of heaven - a world that functions and looks very different from our world, and a world that is promised to all who believe in Him!

Big things, little packages

This intermittent sermon series explores the big topics of some of the smallest books in the Bible.  Our current focus is on the NT book of Philemon.  As an intermittent series, we come back to Big Things, Little Packages irregularly when we have just a couple of weeks to fill-in on our calendar.

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Current Series

Exodus: A Story of Redemption

Exodus is the story of God freeing enslaved people and forming them into his own. Although the story is told through the experiences of ancient Israel, it's the story of everyone who has experienced freedom by the good news of Jesus' death and resurrection.  In this series, we explore God's work in the delivering us from bondage to sin and death, and the many ways he continues to shape and mold us into his people.

Sabbath: a Divine Alternative

At creation, God established a sacred rhythm for his image bearers.  This sacred rhythm of work and rest offers a divine alternative to the non-stop, never-resting demands of the world we live in.  Instead, we are called to live a life of protest as we adopt God's sacred rhythm for ourselves, embracing the grace of rest and restoration and declaring our allegiance to our sabbath-keeping God.  


Stand-Alone Sermons

Sometimes we have a guest speaker or just a random Sunday that isn't part of our regular sermon series.  We put those here!