Today's Reading: Genesis 1:1-2:3

Every good story has a beginning, and our story is no different.  The good news of God's grace - of the cross and the empty tomb - is found on every single page of the Bible.  The Bible is the story off God's grace for creation...every single part of it.

The opening chapter of the Bible begins with simple words: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."  These have become some of my favorite words from the entire Bible.  It's only ten words, but it sets the entire course and tone for everything that follows!  God created.  He didn't just create some things, he created everything.  Everything we know (and don't know) to exist, has it's origins in God!  Pause for a moment and let that sink in...

It's difficult for us to imagine anything bigger and more powerful that the physical world that we live in.  And yet, none of this exists without the creative hand of God making it exist.

What follows is a beautiful hymn extolling the incredible-ness of what has taken place.  The repetition of the word "And" - something we would rarely give any thought to - conveys a sense of urgency and excitement.  It's not unlike what I might hear from my 7 year old son who is extremely excited about something that happened at school earlier in the day: "Dad!  Guess what!  Today, this happened!  And then this!  And this this!"  Each "And" piling up on top of another with building anticipation.  It cannot be contained.  The writer of Genesis is overcome with excitement about everything the God has done - all the ways his hand and work can be seen in the physical world we inhabit.  God did this!  God gave us all that we love in life!  Everything begins with him!

And what's more, after every moment of creative activity, God himself declares "It is good."  God is proud of what he has invented; he's not ashamed.  He takes delight in what is.  And in an effort to share that and show it off, he created people.  We are relationship, personal objects of God's love.  Created to be loved by God even more than creation itself.  Created in his image to also express love and to create, if even in a limited way.

For some, this is old news...a story we have heard more times than we can count.  But this is the beginning of all things.  Let's stand in awe and wonder and worship the God who is bigger than anything our own minds could possibly comprehend!