Jesus' Birth


Today's Reading: Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-21

Okay, so it's kind of a weird time of the year to be thinking about Christmas, but I also like to keep in mind that Jesus' birth was not just something for a few weeks every year, it's for all year round.  And maybe by spending time on it in October before we officially hit the Advent season, we will be able to reflect more deeply on what took place there.

The story of Jesus' birth is profound.  This was the moment that God physically inserted himself into the fabric of space and time and took on human flesh and the full-breadth of human experience.  Jesus was not a demi-god of the sort you find in Greek mythology (though the claim is often made), Jesus is God.  There is no distinction or separation between the two.  And that is what makes this birth story so unique.

This year marks my 37th Christmas.  After 37 years, I'm still just as much in awe of what took place as I've always been.  I find it hard to put into words what I feel and see in this event.  I continue to find myself simply wanting to the angels, and the shepherds, and the magi.  This story leaves me speechless...