We Are FCF: Pastor Jason

Hi! I'm Jason - people call me "PJ" for short. And I get the honor of pastoring this fine group of people.

I grew up in Ripon, in the Central Valley, but took a number of detours to places like Eugene, Portland, Grand Rapids, and Olympia before landing in Walnut Creek. I absolutely love being a pastor and find it nearly impossible to imagine myself doing anything else. One of greatest joys comes comes from sitting down over coffee or a good microbrew and talking about the Bible, faith, and life. While it definitely comes with its challenges, I have loved serving here and really excited about the future God has planned for FCF. Here's a little bit more about me...

How long have you been at FCF? When did you start hanging out with us?

Officially, I've been here for a little over 7 years - since June 2013. Unofficially, I first met FCF around March 2013, and after visiting in April I knew this was where God was leading me!

Who's in your family? Any pets?

My beautiful wife of 17 years, Mishaela (seriously the better half between us - you need to meet her!), and we have two sons in elementary school, Kellon and Gideon. We also have a terrier mutt we adopted from ARF, named Holly. She thinks she's bigger and scarier than she really is; if you come around she'll bark and act like she's going to bite, but she'll really only pee on your foot.

Favorite food?

All of them...all the foods. But if I had to pick one right now, I am ALWAYS up for an In-N-Out Double-Double.

Most memorable vacation?

Our move back to Oregon after graduating from seminary in Michigan in 2009. We took two weeks to drive back and spent time in Chicago, Mall of America, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Little Big Horn, and of course the Corn Palace (that place is WEIRD!) and Wall Drug. Mishaela was also a couple months pregnant with Kellon.

What are you most likely to be doing during your free time?

What's free time? 🤣 Realistically, though, I work almost 60 hours a week and have two very active boys. But when I do have down time, it's typically some combination of a new project in the yard, running/weight training, or learning a guitar skill. I'm really into finding ways to make things - and myself - better. But come fall, it's all about my Oregon Duck football 🦆 (#goducks)!

What is something you like about our church?

I love how diverse we are as a congregation. MLK, Jr use to say that Sunday morning was the most segregated time of the week. We're a smallish church, but it's impossible to nail us down in terms of what kind of church we are. Every economic status, every political persuasion, about 8 different nationalities and/or ethnicities, white collar, blue collar, life-long Christians, new believers, traditional families, broken homes...we are all over the map. That makes things "interesting" sometimes. But I tend to see it as an absolutely beautiful reflection of our community and God's kingdom transcending every and all human lines!

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