We Are FCF: Christine

Hi! I'm Christine. And I'm the part-time Administrator here at Faith Christian Fellowship. I'm typically on campus Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I answer phones, send emails, handle bookkeeping, work with our renters, and jump in where ever else I'm needed. Even though my family and I generally attend a different church, I've enjoyed getting to know everyone here. Feel free to stop-in and say "Hi" sometime, and don't hesitate to email or call if there's a special way I can help. Here's a little more about me...

How long have you been at FCF? When did you start hanging out with us?

I have been with FCF since 2017, so 3 years in September

Who's in your family? Any pets?

My family is, my husband, Kevin and our two children: Christian 18 and Hannah 14...and we do have a turtle, Leia 🐢.

Favorite food?

Toss up between anything chocolate ice cream 🍨 or Mexican Food

Most memorable vacation?

I would say, it was back in 2012 in Maui 🌴. May sound odd, we were taking my moms ashes to spread in the Hawaiian Ocean. It was so special to bring my mom back to her favorite place and have my family all together. We kayaked out in a group and set my mom to sea, it was beautiful. We were treated to a once in a life time, world class accommodations and were given an opportunity to make some sweet family memories.

What are you most likely to be doing during your free time?

Walking, hiking or some type of activity. When those things are accomplished socialize with family and friends, cheers!

What is something you like about our church?

I really like how everyone pitches in and looks out for the church. Everyone has always been so kind to me, I like that spirit.

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