Unwavering Love: Faith in Action With BART PD

Our faith affects everything we do - even the things we don't ordinarily think of as "spiritual." Jessie Jones has spent the last few years working closely with both San Francisco PD and BART PD in crisis

intervention and helping to address issues around homelessness and mental health in the city. We've all come to know him as someone passionate about studying Scripture and applying it's words to everyday life. He's also convinces that, as frustrating and challenging as his job can be, it's also where God has placed him during this season to be a light and to minister in a variety of ways. BART PD recently published a story about the work Jessie and his fellow officers did to help one homeless man reconnect with his mom after year of separation. It's a beautiful picture of redemption, reconciliation, and restoration - not to mention one of many ways God's people can be gospel and kingdom proclaimers in our communities, where ever God puts us! Have a read:

Unwavering Love: BART PD, Outreach Workers Help Mother Reunite With Her Son

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