Tools for Growing More Biblically Rooted

Our current series is all about self-assessing and growing in our Core Values. When it comes to being Biblically Rooted, there is one sure-fire way to grow in this area: Time in the Word. Just like any relationship, our understanding and appreciation for the person is directly connected to the amount of time we spend with them. The only sure-fire way to become more familiar with the Bible, it's teachings, and the God revealed within its pages is to spend time in Scripture.

Here are of some tools to help you assess your current level of familiarity and take your familiarity to a whole new level! And in the end, you will move ever closer to hearing the Father say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"


This website is packed full of Bible quizzes and games to help you gauge everything from general Bible knowledge to historical context. Take a few quizzes of your choosing, and use your scores as a guide for what to do next.

Bible Study Tools

Another website (of many) that offers pre-arranged reading plans. If you struggle to know where to begin, this site can help get you pointed in the right direction.

Bible Reading Group

One of my (Pastor Jason) favorite ways to read the Bible is to do with other people. Think of this like a book club for the Bible. You don't need a leader/facilitator, you don't need to have all the answers, you just need at least one other person who's willing to commit to reading a book or even the entire Bible with you. Make a commitment to get together every week and reflect on what you've been reading. Shape your discussion around two basic questions:

  1. What struck you?

  2. How is it shaping/changing the way you live?

Two "Classics"

Looking for something a little more "academic"? Or at least something that will help you overcome feeling like you have no idea how to even begin to study the Bible? Two "classics" in helping people just like you are must haves:

  1. How to the Read the Bible for All it's Worth

  2. How to Read the Bible Through the Jesus Lens

Get these TODAY, read them, highlight them, referred to them frequently to help you make sense of some of the more challenging books and sections of the Bible.

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