Putting the Pieces Together

This year, the Council made the decision to adopt a new "organizational structure" to better equip us and push us to remain focused on our Mission and work at embodying our Core Values. Some of our members will remember a time when the Council was separated into distinct roles (Admin Elders, Service Deacons, etc). We have decided to return to a similar structure, but to use a model that is better suited for our specific needs and ministry. We call these different groups, "Working Groups," and it looks like this...

How Does This Change the Council Nomination Process?

Council nominations will now take place according to the vacancies within specific working groups. These working groups offer a better structure for placing and nominating church members who display gifting that makes them particularly suited for serving in specific roles.

When you submit your nomination(s) for Council, please take some time to consider the vacant roles, and who you see God shaping and raising up to fill those roles.

One major advantage to this structure is that it helps to provide greater focus for those who are serving on Council. Permission is granted to use one's natural gifting and passion to serve the church. And when we serve and minister within our natural gifting and passion, the work might still be challenging, but the burden is much lighter!

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