November Council Communication

The church council met last week Tuesday, November 16.

  • The council was able to meet with Jessie Jones and his friend Matt regarding the recovery program they will get started at FCF, with the council's approval. More details will be provided as they get started.

  • We took time to review our mission statement, core values, and vision sketch. We were able to take a look at each of the working groups and the ministries that fall under each group.

  • The deacons reported on how they were able to help a church in New Mexico that had been vandalized. Quite a significant amount of damage was done to the church along with some stolen property. Our deacons were able to donate money for them to replace a TV.

  • The council also reviewed the updated mask mandates for our county. There are several stipulations required for our church to go without masks including not being able to welcome visitors and checking vaccination status. The council unanimously decided to continue to require masks indoors. A fuller explanation can be found HERE.

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