Morning Joy: How Do You Start Your Day?

It's a key question.

Life and personal coaches will often suggest that their clients begin their day by making their bed. It's such a simple thing, but it establishes a pattern for the rest of day - it launches a person on a trajectory for accomplishing things and achieving goals. Over time achieving goals becomes the new normal. Carrying that out far enough, and a person can't help but to be successful!

Even though many people tend to see spirituality as an entirely different beast, the same logic can be applied: start your day with something small - something that pushes you in a certain direction - and you will create precedent for yourself that leads to other things. If you start your day with a huge, carb-heavy breakfast and catching up on all the "news" that happened over night, chances are you'll probably end up gaining a lot of weight and find yourself constantly worried and full of anxiety about the next emerging crisis.

But what if you started your day with other believers, in the Word, and prayer? What precedent does that set?

Morning Joy is all about establishing a positive precedent and setting us on a course of hearing God's voice and seeing him at work in our daily life. Four days a week we meet on Zoom from 7:45am-8:05am for a short reading based on the theme of the day, and prayer. It's designed to allow a certain amount of flexibility, so it's okay if you only jump once or twice a week, or more sporadic. You can find the Zoom by checking the weekly emails, or by emailing Pastor Jason (

Daily Themes:

Miracle Monday (current: miracles in Acts)

Teaching Tuesday, aka Tuesdays With Jim (current: reading through the book of James)

Wednesday OFF

Worship Wednesday on Thursday (current: Ascent Psalms)

Freestyle Friday (current: Biblical benedictions)

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