Council Nominations

Council nominations officially kick off Sunday, March 14. Just in case you've ever wondered how exactly this process works, here's a quick run-down...

  • Nominations for vacant Council spots are solicited from the congregation. There is a 3(ish)-week window in which nominations can be submitted either by paper, or through the anonymous online nomination form.

  • Following the open nomination period, submitted names are reviewed by the Elders who consider the qualifications of nominees in light of 1 Timothy 3. The Elders may make recommendations to the Council regarding specific nominees, but do not remove anyone from consideration.

  • The full list of nominees is then passed on to the entire Council (Elders & Deacons combined). The Council looks over the list and considers each nominee's qualifications. It's at this point that a name may be removed. Occasionally, a particular name may be moved to another role should the Council feel that the person is better suited to serve in a different role than they were originally nominated for.

  • Remaining nominees are then contacted, and asked to prayerfully consider accepting their nomination to serve a 3-year term beginning in July. Nominees have 2(ish)-weeks to respond.

  • A final list of those who have accepted their nomination is compiled and presented to the congregation ahead of the annual Congregational Meeting held each May.

  • At the Congregational Meeting, professing members are asked to affirm or not affirm the final nominees via secret ballot. Nominees who receive a majority affirmation then have their names placed in a basket for "drawing lots." Lots are drawn, and new Council members are announced.

This year, we are making a few organizational changes to our Council in order to better push us in carrying-out our Mission and embody our Core Values. Naturally, these organizational changes affect Council nominations. The details of those changes will be outlined soon, but some of the details have been included in the Council Communications for the past couple months.

We are strongly encouraging everyone to take advantage of the online nomination form this year as a way of expediting and simplifying the nomination process. Information re: how to access that form will also be provided as we get closer to March 14.

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