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Our Core: Discipleship the Jesus Way series has been all about taking a look, first, at how Jesus' himself defines what it means to be his disciple. Using the four parts of Jesus' definition, we are able to see how our Core Values connect to, and help us, grow and mature in our own discipleship journey moving from Seeker to Apostle. Here is a recap of the major highlights from this series, as well as links and direction to additional resources to help you do the "dark work" of following Jesus.

Four Parts of Jesus Definition of His Disciples

  1. Jesus' disciples remain in his Word (Biblical Rootedness)

  2. Jesus' disciples deny themselves (Prayer)

  3. Jesus' disciples love one another (Koinonia)

  4. Jesus' disciples bear fruit (Stewardship)

Key Terms

  1. Disciple of Jesus: someone who follows Jesus

  2. Discipleship: the process of moving from Seeker to Apostle

  3. Seeker: someone whom Jesus has been called to follow him

  4. Apostle: someone who has been sent out into the world to share the gospel

  5. "Dark work": the "work" we do in the shadows (in private) that makes up the discipleship process

The Promise

If you commit and follow-through on the "dark work" of discipleship, you WILL hear God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!

Biblical Rootedness ("Remain in my Word")

Biblical Rootedness points to Scripture being the foundation for everything a person does. A disciple who is Biblically Rooted submits their entire life to the authority of God's Word.

Signs of Biblical Rootedness
  • A Scripture-shaped life

  • Knowledge of Biblical teaching on various topics

  • A desire & practice of regular time in the Word

  • Able to identify specific ways the Bible informs personal decisions/action

Strategies to Become More Rooted

Prayer ("Deny yourself")

To "deny ourself" is to say No to us and Yes to God. Prayer is one of the most tangible ways we do this, because Biblical prayer always carries a sense of "not my will, but your will, be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Signs of Prayer
  • Regular private and public prayer

  • Authenticity in prayer

  • Stories of answered prayers

  • Instinctive prayer

Strategies to Develop a More Vibrant Prayer Life
  • Practice makes perfect; schedule time for regular prayer

  • Family prayer rotation; everyone takes a turn

  • Regularly ask: "How can I pray for you?"

  • Attend quarterly Prayer Services or other prayer gatherings

Koinonia ("Love one another")

"Koinonia" the the Greek word for community, or fellowship. For the early church, the experience of koinonia was one of the most effective tools they had when it came to outreach and evangelism.

Signs of Koinonia
  • Participation

  • Love & Compassion

  • Transparency, Respect, and Empathy

Strategies to Practice Koinonia
  • Show up (watching the livestream from home doesn't count!)

  • Talk to someone different (use F.R.O.M)

  • Start a small group

  • Invite someone to lunch or dinner

  • "Be the change"; don't complain, take active steps to create koinonia where you want to see it

Stewardship ("Bear much fruit")

Everything we we think we have had really been given to us on loan, by God, to use to further his kingdom. The challenge of Biblical stewardship is not about staying out of debt and using our finances responsibly, it's about how much of everything God has given us can we give away!

Signs of Stewardship
  • Sacrifice & Generosity

  • Humility & Generosity

  • Multiplication & Growth

Strategies to Become a Better Steward
  • Discover your unique spiritual gifting (Discover Your Gifts, ChurchGrowth Spiritual Gifts Survey)

  • Take a literal inventory of everything that you possess and consider how God may be calling you to use each item for his glory

  • Make a giving or service commitment and STICK TO IT!

To explore specific ways you can move through the discipleship process, or to develop a personalize discipleship plan for you, just ask Pastor Jason (me) - I'd love to take a look at, or guide you through the steps of discipleship so that you come grow to serving God to your full potential!

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