Changes to Special Offerings

We have a long, rich tradition of not just supporting ourselves, but partnering with other para-church ministries and organizations serving our community. This has often led to great collaborations, relationships, and opportunities, and is also a way for us to use the resources God has blessed us with to expand our reach to our community.

Over the years, there have been number of changes to everything from financial laws around charitable giving to the capacity and ability of these local ministries to take greater responsibility of their own development and fundraising. As a result, the Deacons have made the decision to no longer receive Special Offerings through Faith Christian Fellowship for many of these outside ministries as a way of encouraging the church community to better connect with ministry efforts and needs happening outside of FCF, but also to streamline the work of managing our own finances without the confusion of having to track giving designated to the General Fund vs one of the special offerings.

In order to encourage continued direct giving and support for those community organizations that we have historically taken offerings for, we will be providing a list, with links, on our website in the coming months. You can also review the list here:

We will continue supporting our missionaries through our regular giving.

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