Changes to Prayer Nights

As one of our Core Values, prayer is an important part of how we see and understand our calling as a church. We have a Prayer Chain, we share our needs and our joys, we pray for one another during weekly worship both formally and informally, and many in our congregation have developed a regular habit and pattern of prayer in our daily lives. Prayer is an incredibly intimate experience between believers, but also between a believer and God.

Despite our strong commitment to prayer, our monthly Prayer Nights have wax and waned throughout the years. Some months, many join together, while other months only 2 or 3. We take comfort in knowing that regardless of our how many join together, God is still present in our midst, he still hears our prayers, and honors our prayers.

The Elders recently wondered what we could do to draw greater awareness, attention, and structure, and significance to our prayer gatherings. The result: we have decided to hit pause on the monthly Prayer Nights, in exchange for quarterly Prayer Services. The details are still being worked out, but Prayer Services will likely entail a song or two, very short teaching on prayer, followed by a more structured and focused prayer time.

Our first Prayer Service will be held Wednesday, April 27.

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