January 8, 2018

Coming Up
 A Divine Alternative        

Upcoming Offering
January 14- Suhs
January 21- Hoflands

Lifeline Screening
Will be here at FCF,  Monday, January 8. from 9AM - 4PM.  This is a Heart Disease and Stroke prevention screening.  Click on link to sign up and for any discounts. 

Service Video Recordings DVDs are available of our services.  You can find copies in the Media Center, or contact Gary to request a specific service.

Catch Up
You can catch up on recent sermons via the Sermons page of our website.  Streaming and downloading are both available.

New Elder's List
A to E: Paul Wang
F to J: Grant Padmos
K to N: Jodi Hoogwerf
O to T: Jim Chiappe
U to Z: Bill Eppinga

Church Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30am-2:30pm, Friday afternoons.

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9AM -5PM Lifeline Screening

6:30 Friendship 


7:30PM Council Meeting


6:30 Wild Wednesday


7PM Hooks, Pins and Needles


Saturday                                                      8AM Faithbuilders

Sunday                                                         9:45 Prayer                                                 10AM Worship