June 13, 2017

2017 Food Box Drive Update.  The deacons invite you to help us with our summer food box drive. So far we have raised enough money for 25 boxes.  Please "sponsor" a box today for $65 (or whatever you can contribute). Donations are requested before June 25. For more information contact Steve Leegwater.

TNT.  If you see any TNT students this week, ask them about the Spirit West Coast concert. They have stories to tell! Our next adventure will happen on the Delta, June 25. Plan to play in the water (or behind a boat) that day.

Coming Up. This Sunday we will be installing new Elders and Deacons.  The sermon will be "Eye for Eye" from Matthew 5:38-42. 

JUNE 12-16

Monday: Romans 1:1-7
Tuesday: SKIP
Wednesday: Romans 1:8-17
Thursday: SKIP
Friday: Romans 1:18-32


Greeting: Padmos
Coffee: Leegwater
Nursery: Julie L, Kara J & Nettie J
Children’s Worship: Sheri T. & Arie P.
Kid Connection: Summer schedule: All kids 3yo-3rd grade attend Children's Worship.  4th grade and up are invited to worship with their parents.

Monday                                                    7:15PM Admin Team

Tuesday                                                        7PM Elders

Saturday                                                      8AM FaithBuilders

Sunday                                                         9AM Praise Team Practice                         10AM Sunday Worship