April 23, 2017

Council Communication. 1) The Council continues to promote the Inspire Conference, which will take place August 3-5 in Detroit, MI.  We encourage members of the congregation to attend. Some financial assistance is available upon request.  Talk to the Deacons for more information.  2) The Council is working through the 2017-18 budget and Council nominations.  We are in the process of contacting nominees for Elder and Deacon.  3) The Council is discussing the possibility of hiring someone to fill a new part-time ministry position.  They will be having a special meeting this week to work out more details regarding the position.

Inspire! 2017 Conference. Are you going? The excitement is building as CRC members from all corners of the continent prepare to converge in Detroit, Michigan this August for Inspire 2017. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to worship, connect, learn and serve with others--like you--who have been inspired to serve God. We have spaces reserved for you to join us! Visit crcna.org/Inspire2017 to learn more and contact Marika Leegwater to grab a spot.

TNT.  We meet TONIGHT at 6PM in the Education Building. Come for conversation and community!  Bring someone who would enjoy talking about God with you...or maybe someone with more questions than answers.  We're doing LIFE together!

Wildfire. We're meeting at QZAR in Concord for laser tag.  Join us from 6-7:30PM TONIGHT!


Monday: Psalm 121
Tuesday: Psalm 122
Wednesday: SKIP
Thursday: Psalm 123
Friday: Psalm 124
Saturday: Psalm 125


Greeters: Padmos
Coffee: Scheepers
Nursery: Jana VK, Jeanette B, Jayden VK
Children’s Worship: Sherri T & Genevieve H
Kid Connection: Jodi H & Natalie O

Monday                                                    6:30PM Friendship

Tuesday                                                   7:30PM Council

Thursday                                                 7:00PM Prayer Night

Saturday                                                 8:00AM Faithbuilders

Sunday                                                   9:00AM Band Practice                         10:00AM Sunday Worship