What can you expect?

Trying new things often comes with some anxiety.  So here's a list of FAQ's to help make your first visit more comfortable.


How do i get there?

We are located right on Bancroft Rd in Walnut Creek, just a few blocks north of Treat Blvd.  If you hit every light red, it'll take about 5 minutes to get here from the freeway on a typical Sunday morning.  So basically, we're pretty easy to get to and find.  Visit our Contact Us page to get all the specifics.

what is the service like?

We try to avoid falling into the rut of each worship service looking exactly the same.  So things change from week to week depending on a variety of factors.  However, a typical service will usually start with a song, followed by a greeting from Pastor Jason, an opportunity to greet one another, a few more songs, prayer, offering, children's blessing, sermon, songs, and then a final benediction before heading out for the day.

What about kids?

We have a number of families with young children.  If you are coming with kids, what happens with them is entirely up to you and your comfort level and needs.  We provide nursery for children from newborn to 3yo.  If your child is over 3yo, they are invited to join you for the first part of the service.  During the children's blessing Pastor Jason invites kids from 3yo-5th grade to come up to the front.  We  will say a short prayer and invite the kids to attend Children in Worship (3yo-K) or Kid Connection (1st-5th grade).  An adult will meet them in the foyer, or you can walk with them to their room. Our volunteer teachers will lead the kids through a Bible story, craft, and occasionally a snack.  Of course, your child is always welcome to stay with you for the entire service.  All volunteers have undergone safety training and background checks for the wellbeing of your kids.

What happens after the service?

When the service is over, most people tend to head outside in the courtyard (or the Fellowship Center if it's raining or cold) and grab a cup of coffee, juice, and a cookie or two (Really, who can stop at just one?!).  So stick around for a few minutes and we'll be glad to introduce you to more of the FCF family.

Where do i park?

We have plenty of parking on both the south and north sides of the campus.  You are welcome to park anywhere you'd like.

what about music?

We like music!  But seriously...because we are a very multi-generational church made up of people from different church backgrounds with different preferences, we strive to incorporate a mix of traditional hymns and modern worship songs, liturgical readings, and free-form prayer into every service.  A little bit of something for everyone!

What happens when i first arrive?

When you first walk in the doors, and there's two for you to choose from, you will probably see a number of people milling around talking.  While we do have volunteers who serve as official greeters, it may not be immediately obvious who they are.  You are likely to be greeted by someone who notices you walk in, and if they are a greeter, you may be offered a bulletin or other information about the church.  You may continue to stand around and talk, or you can enter the sanctuary (aka worship center) and find a seat.  Either is fine and you will see people doing both.  However you want to prepare for worship or adjust to your new surroundings is fine with us.

How should I dress?

Pastor Jason typically wears a nice pair of jeans and a vest.  Some folks wear suits or dresses.  Others will come in shorts and t-shirts.  In other words, wear whatever you're most comfortable in!


We have Communion (aka Lord's Supper) together every month, generally on the second Sunday of the month.  Sometimes we mix it up, but that's pretty rare.  Everyone who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior is invited to participate.

Did we miss your question?  Feel free to drop us a line with any questions you may still have.  Just use the Contact Us page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!