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To proclaim God's kingdom in our communities by worshipping him and making disciples of Jesus of everyone we meet in everything we do.
Biblical Rootedness
The Bible is at the heart of everything we do.  We pursue his Truth and seek his voice in our lives.
Jesus prayed - a lot!  And Scripture invites us to do the same.
Koinonia (Fellowship)
God never intended for us to do life or faith alone.  We commit to being in meaningful relationships with one another.
We have all been blessed to be a blessing to those around us.  Our commitment to generosity of our time, talents, and treasure is an important piece of putting our faith into action.
Discipleship Triangle.png
Discipleship is a Journey...
In the Gospels, Jesus routinely invites us to follow him.  This invitation is a call to discipleship.  Discipleship is the process or journey of moving from Seeker to Apostle - from being someone who is curious about who Jesus is, to becoming one who has a clear sense of sent-ness into the world as a witness to the power of the gospel.  Our Core Values are not just a statement of the things we value as a church, they also provide a "road map" for guiding us along our discipleship journey.  We begin with growing in familiarity with God's Word and God himself revealed in Scripture, and we move up the pyramid, building on each successive layer, until we reach the top and have a clear sense of our place in God's mission in the world.

To learn more, or to begin your own journey, just reach out!
Still have questions about how our mission and core values work together?  No problemo!  Just send us a message using this form and we'll get that answered ASAP!
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